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Using Screensavers for Added Security

windows-xp-passwordFighting security risks on your computer does not start with your anti-virus software. Although security software is necessary, what you should realize is that the first step to data safety is by keeping your computer safe in a secure location and making sure that it is password protected.

Here’s where screensavers come in. The great thing about screensavers these days is that many come with the password protect option, which means that you don’t have to be greeted by an ugly default log in page each time you get back to your work station. More importantly, you don’t have to keep on logging out each time you turn your back to your computer because the screensaver will automatically kick in depending on your time settings. This makes things a lot more convenient and safer, since we all know how forgetful we can be.

Note though that some screensavers are not that secure and even pose security risks themselves, so make sure that you get a screensaver that offers you added security and not more risk.

Image via AskDaveTaylor

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