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Uses of a Screen Saver


Windows has always been a popular operating system and it is known for providing user friendly features. This is why many are still patronizing it, despite the growing number of new operating systems that has been coming out.

One important but most of the time overlooked feature is the screen saver.  A screen saver has been a well known area in Windows where you take time to find the right one just to feed your wants and sometimes needs. It may just be there to entertain your eyes, remind you of what to do, or be a guard to your computer.

There are hundreds even thousands of screen savers available online and you may choose depending on your preference. However, if you are after the functionality of a screen saver, it is wise to look for screen savers that will be helpful for you every day. For example you are at work and you want to be reminded of top priorities for the day, then a screen saver can be a good medium of reminder. You can also use it to guard your work space by putting a username and password. This will prevent infiltrators from getting in your personal computer. For example, in a Thai school, students know the username and password of computers, while outsiders do not. In case students go for a break or enter their Thai classes, no one can access the computer while the students are away.

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