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Screensavers, Passwords and Rings

invalid passwordLast month we discussed how screensavers and passwords can be used as an added security measure for your computer. The truth though is that even if your screensaver asks for a password, it might not be too big a security barrier if you are like most people who use easy-to-remember but unsecure passwords like “1234″ or “password”.

The funny thing about passwords is that they can be tricky in that finding a good balance between a more secure but hard to memorize password and an easily hacked one is something many people struggle with. Add to this the fact that you have to memorize passwords not only for your screensaver, but for just about every online service and secure app on your computer, and it is no wonder people just give up and repeat one password for many sites.

This is perhaps why Google is suggesting that passwords should be replaced with ID rings. Of course, it will probably take a long time before security rings or something similar will be adopted, but really with passwords and screensavers no longer making the cut we need to come up with something to improve computer and Internet security.

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