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Relaxing Screensavers

3d fireplace screensaverScreensavers were not really made for people to blankly stare at while occupied thinking of something else. Still, whatever original purpose screensavers might serve, the fact remains that people do just that in front of their computers – stare blankly at a screen in the middle of a tiring work day.

If you are too stare at your computer screen, too tired to move or do anything else, you might as well make the most out of your “staring break” by choosing a screensaver that will help you relax. Two screensavers that we find to be quite relaxing include the 3D Fish School Screensaver and the 3D Realistic Fireplace Screensaver. Obviously, these two screensavers are meant to help you relax and clear your mind by providing a more calming atmosphere. Sure, you won’t feel the warmth of the fireplace but the sounds of the crackling fire and the repetitive waves might just lull you to sleep.

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