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Real Time Images

October 22nd, 2014 Ceasar

21.jpgScreensavers of today have made great progress when it comes to functionalities. Screensavers are now capable of delivering Real Time Images on your computer screens. A known facility that uses a real time screensaver application is the Northwestern Transportation Center. Their main purpose for using a real time screensaver program is to display the Chicago Highway Traffic and Weather. The facility also wanted to display the Flight Delays and the National Weather. With the aid of an Internet connection, the Northwestern Real Time Transportation Screensaver was able to effectively distribute data to different users faster and more effectively as compared to RSS feeds.

Screen savers – Are they really saving your screens?

October 15th, 2014 Ceasar

ScreenSaversScreen savers are relics of the days of old and are today quite irrelevant when it comes to saving power. Energy star rated products are already mandatory, capable of turning themselves off at pre-set intervals to prevent the old nemesis of the CRT tube, screen burn or phosphorus burn-in. The old problem of the screen getting imprinted with the most common image projected onto it by the electron gun.
Newer LCD displays do not suffer this problem though they can suffer from dead pixels or LED elements that burn-out prematurely due to faulty manufacturing procedures. This is expected though a few dead ones are hardly visible. Read the rest of this entry »

Screensavers, Passwords and Rings

October 8th, 2014 Hannah

invalid passwordLast month we discussed how screensavers and passwords can be used as an added security measure for your computer. The truth though is that even if your screensaver asks for a password, it might not be too big a security barrier if you are like most people who use easy-to-remember but unsecure passwords like “1234″ or “password”.

The funny thing about passwords is that they can be tricky in that finding a good balance between a more secure but hard to memorize password and an easily hacked one is something many people struggle with. Add to this the fact that you have to memorize passwords not only for your screensaver, but for just about every online service and secure app on your computer, and it is no wonder people just give up and repeat one password for many sites.

This is perhaps why Google is suggesting that passwords should be replaced with ID rings. Of course, it will probably take a long time before security rings or something similar will be adopted, but really with passwords and screensavers no longer making the cut we need to come up with something to improve computer and Internet security.

Image via Titanas

How to create a Windows screen saver with Delphi

October 1st, 2014 Ceasar

Here are some the ff. step on how to create Windows Screen Saver from Delphi project, 1. After the clause {$D SCRNSAVE} add (*.dpr) in the project file. 2. Set the Application.OnMessage to a method that controls the deactivation of the screen saver and Set the Application.OnIdle. 3. Set the Windowstate to wsMaximize. 4. Command line should be tested for /c and /s. 5. Compile the program, and rename the .exe to .scr.

Blast From The Past

September 24th, 2014 Kitch


Screensavers were originally designed to protect computer monitor from phosphor burn in. A phosphor is a substance that radiates visible light after being energized. The two places where we most commonly see phosphors are in a TV screen or computer monitor. But as everyone is well aware of now, advances in display technology have eliminated the use of screen savers but back when they were necessary, they served more purpose than protecting your computer. It’s also for entertainment! So I scoured the internet to search for the coolest screensavers available in the interwebs. Keep in mind that most are circa 1998!

UNIQLOCK – Screensaver of Japanese girls dancing with straight face! Totally unique!

POLARCLOCK - Clock calendar where the circle moves as the time passes.

TWITTEARTH – a mesmerizing and mostly useless diversion that sticks you in space and whips you around the globe to see a new geo-located tweet every ten seconds.

LOPPY – application that is looping and showing the pictures at random for good.

Super saver

September 17th, 2014 Ceasar

One of the easiest and most popular ways of personalising a computer is through screen savers, they require no great technical knowledge to install or use. Screensavers started out as a necessary utility. Both Windows XP and Vista will show you how you can use photos stored on your hard disk as screensavers. The most basic type of screensaver simply blanks the screen. Others show pictures or colorful animations. The Old monitors would suffer if the same image was left on them for too long. Sooner or later the image would burn itself into the screen, leaving an irritating ghost image. In some severe cases the monitor could be left unusable.

Blinkx launching video screensaver

September 10th, 2014 Ceasar

The is a site wherein there are cool features for instance, if you enter in a search term, it will play in succession all the videos it finds that term in. Blinkx makes very good video search technology that has been available for quite some time to consumers and this is the

Blinx is popping idea out of the browser and putting it in a downloadable screensaver app. Blinkx will let you create your own channels that will automatically play when your screensaver pops on and the preconfigured channels can also be set to display like News and Sports. To select videos from a playlist, you can use Blinkx’s attractive but uninformative video wall.


September 3rd, 2014 Avatar

3deepspace.JPGFrom the site comes some of the best sci-fi scenery from space; galaxies and planets you’ve never seen all in the convenience of your desktop. See galaxies and nebula as you coast around the universe, watch stars and planets whiz by in the beauty of the most realistic screensavers from outer space. No need to get on a rocket, just sit back and watch as the wonders of the universe are displayed right before your very eyes. See the sun and planets like never before as stunning graphics filled with details flash and change at set intervals. You even have the option of having an mp3 file playing in the background as a bonus.

Dangerous “Screensaver” Files

August 27th, 2014 Hannah

danger signMicrosoft is all for allowing their users to personalize screensavers. However, they’re also the first ones to tell you that downloading screensavers carry security risks since they may contain malicious software or spyware. Because of this, they have compiled a simple list of file types that users should be aware of in order to avoid downloading malware that are disguised as screensavers.

Listed below are the most common file name extensions and the type of file they carry, as listed in Microsoft’s help page:

1. .exe – executable program
2. .com – MS-DOS program
3. .pif – Shortcut to MS‑DOS program
4. .bat – Batch file
5. .scr – Screen saver file

If you find screensavers with file extensions such as the above, DO NOT download them. Make sure you always double check the extension because they can add a .jpeg or .png as part of the file name, before the actual file extension, in order to fool you into thinking that it is a simple photo file.

Keep your computer system secure by downloading screensavers the smart way.

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Screen Savers for Security

August 20th, 2014 Avatar

settings.jpgMany who work in offices have had the experience of somebody meddling with their computer as they head off to the cafeteria for the occasional bite and today’s identity theft prone world a screensaver might just save you from such activities. Screensavers can usually be set to ask for passwords when they go to work, that as you get back to your desk it asks for a password before again granting access to the computer system. Much similar to the new design that has been built into Windows, any inactivity that sends the computer into stand-by or idle mode asks for such passwords that guards your PC from unauthorized access. You get the nice graphics and the security you need when you forget to lock the terminal you’re working on.