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February 26th, 2015 Avatar

3deepspace.JPGFrom the site comes some of the best sci-fi scenery from space; galaxies and planets you’ve never seen all in the convenience of your desktop. See galaxies and nebula as you coast around the universe, watch stars and planets whiz by in the beauty of the most realistic screensavers from outer space. No need to get on a rocket, just sit back and watch as the wonders of the universe are displayed right before your very eyes. See the sun and planets like never before as stunning graphics filled with details flash and change at set intervals. You even have the option of having an mp3 file playing in the background as a bonus.

Relaxing Screensavers

February 19th, 2015 Hannah

3d fireplace screensaverScreensavers were not really made for people to blankly stare at while occupied thinking of something else. Still, whatever original purpose screensavers might serve, the fact remains that people do just that in front of their computers – stare blankly at a screen in the middle of a tiring work day.

If you are too stare at your computer screen, too tired to move or do anything else, you might as well make the most out of your “staring break” by choosing a screensaver that will help you relax. Two screensavers that we find to be quite relaxing include the 3D Fish School Screensaver and the 3D Realistic Fireplace Screensaver. Obviously, these two screensavers are meant to help you relax and clear your mind by providing a more calming atmosphere. Sure, you won’t feel the warmth of the fireplace but the sounds of the crackling fire and the repetitive waves might just lull you to sleep.

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Nature and Screensaver

February 12th, 2015 Ceasar

nature.JPGNature is always at its best, even in technology.

After some hours of grueling work in front of your computer terminal or laptop, there is nothing more soothing than nature scenery, even if its only virtual, partnered with a cup of aromatic chocolate or roasted coffee arabica.

Let yourself relax while enjoying pleasing scenery and beautiful images of natures and places you could not imagine exist in this problem-full and anxious world.

You can search for nature screensavers, there are lots of it oline. And what’s better is they are free. Would not consume much resources of your PC, too.

Uses of Screensavers

February 5th, 2015 Hannah

Screen savers nowadays are beneficial in the world of entertainment. Due to the increasing users who spend time looking for the most unique and creative screen savers, there are now millions of options presented to their consumption. There are screensavers that focus on movies, sports, games, and even visual expressions that never fail to entertain the users. Also, due to this demand, these are as well used as a form of advertising products and services which is usually found during meetings and presentations. On the other hand, the increase in screen saver options also goes with the increase in opportunities for programmers. These programmers are given much room to maximize their skills and creativity and earn through making more options that will interest the users. This just shows that the rise of screen savers didn’t only pave way to an additional feature for computers but more to this feature are benefits for both the maker and user.

3D World Map

January 29th, 2015 Ceasar

Ever wanted to explore the globe all from the comfort of your computer chair? Well, then this is for all the couch potatoes out there like you and me who may not have the resources to actually go somewhere anytime soon. The 3D World Map Screensaver presents the earth in 3D with some factual information about specific countries it flies over as you pass by. It’s not only a screensaver, it’s and educational tool too.

One thing that it lacks is the ability to zoom in too much as Google Maps does but for a screensaver it works out fine. There is also the issue of the dismal soundtrack but you could used your own MP3’s for the background audio so that solves that part. Its good to learn a bit about the world while you gulp down that latte while waiting for your break to signal the end of your virtual tour of the world.

Holiday Lights 5.4

January 22nd, 2015 Ceasar

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After the scaring yourself last Halloween, its time to make way for the Christmas Holidays. And what better way to celebrate the holiday cheers right in your desktop. Holiday Lights 5.4 will decorate your personal computer or office machine for the coming holidays. Enjoy some nice string of very colorful Christmas light on the edges of your computer screen. Whats more, it plays a Christmas background music by just checking it in the option. There are forty bulbs you can choose from to be able to suit your mood. It includes Christmas tree lights, stockings, chili peppers, snowmen and so much more. And you have the option to add more music and bulbs. The lights flash while you are working on your desktop. It is fun to just stare for quite a bit.

Screensavers for Security

January 15th, 2015 Ceasar

1.jpgScreensavers have many uses and security is one of them. There is a large number of programmed screensavers that may be configured to first ask for a password before allowing the user to continue with what he is doing. Perhaps providing security to your system is one of the most critical and significant roles of screensavers since it helps users in avoiding system infiltration that could possibly lead to leakage or stealing of confidential data. Users should not confuse the screensaver with the Windows Power Management Features because screensavers actually consume, if not waste, power while actively running on your system. It is recommended that you activate your screensaver for security purposes if you want to prevent other users from obtaining access to your system.

Screensaver Control (Part 1)

January 8th, 2015 Sherill

Windows 2000 and Windows XP are improved versions of Windows 95/98. It introduced a lot of new features that are needed specifically for their administration. One of them was controlling/disabling screensavers.

If you found out that your office computer has a grayed out screensaver, or even worse, the Screensaver tab itself is missing from the Display properties, then this means that the person who configured your PC or your system administrator have disabled your use of screensavers. This is especially controlled in corporations to prevent their employees from being distracted with these fun screensavers, or downloading these pages from the internet.

Aquarium Screensaver

January 1st, 2015 Avatar

fish.JPGThey have come up with some of the most realistic aquarium screensavers that seems ready to jump out of the screen. With a maximum 100 fish, wonder at their natural beauty as these mathematically controlled fish swim and mimic the actions of real fish all in the comfort of your computer terminal. It can also be displayed on systems with multiple screens. Water and fish have always offered us a soothing and relaxing view and atmosphere. Watch them shift from day to night as they go about their business of being fish without the water and cleaning necessary and the grime you have to get rid of. For a relaxing screensaver that looks stunning, just click on this link to get some of the best 3D aquariums on the web.

Flame Screensaver (Part 2)

December 25th, 2014 Sherill

Fantastic flame screensavers are licking up open windows and desktop icons as if they are wooden logs in the fireplace. But the desktop is not the only place that can burn. There is a large library of background fire styles and images so that you can change the background and bring up a flaming dragon wall or biohazard sign into the desktop. These designs are constantly being updated by the in-house artists of the software.

The sounds and music can be customized according to your preference too. There is a choice of over nine types of cracking sounds to choose from, as well as a set of music tracks. Among these are Bittersweet by the Verve, Enya’s Only Time, and Abba’s Happy New Year.